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Our Goals

Our main purposes is to strengthen women by giving them identity as informal workers. Beyond that, we try to work on women workers’ rights and to use non-violent methods of demonstrations. The NGO works for women and children and communities affected by poverty. It also works for the uplift of commercial sex workers, aiming to fight HIV and AIDS and to end human trafficking. Their special projects include producing sanitary pads, providing space to women to make and sell their art and to inculcate vital language skills.
Our vision is upholding gender justice, equality and respect for human rights. It works on areas like gender budgetary allocations and security of women in conflict areas in the central Africa and beyond. We also works for the poor women living in urban who face any sort of abuse. We works with the aim to provide them with a life of dignity and make them independent. At the Foundation, women go through a six-month course which includes self-awareness, defence trainings, sexuality and reproductive rights and entrepreneurship. We helps the women to get jobs Furthermore we can also provide them with a start up capital.